Premium Detailing

Every boat on the water is exposed to the harshness of the sun, salt water, wind and dock rash. These elements combine to take a toll on your vessel and will lead to a dull or oxidized look. Even though these are durable surfaces, they must be properly cared for and maintained regularly and this is where our premium detailing service comes in.  Using the highest quality buffers, compounds, pads and chemicals we provide you with the best combination to rejuvenate your boat to better than showroom condition.  We do more than just a quick buff and wax.  With a minimum of a 3 step process, heavily oxidized vessels will often require 4 or more steps.  Every job is sealed with a polymer sealant to provide a much longer lasting shine and better protection than wax.  

Detailing services include:

-Hull Detailing -Topside Detailing -Interior/Cabin Detailing -Gelcoat/Paint Correction -Wet Sanding -Stainless Polishing -Carpet Cleaning/Shampooing

-Oxidation Removal -Decal/Stripe Removal and Replacement -Bilge Cleaning -Teak Restoration

-And More!

Specializing in oxidation removal on colored hulls

Mold removal and restoration of vinyl surfaces

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Polymer sealants produce a deep, lustrous shine that outlasts the most popular waxes by months.

Faded and dirty teak restored to a beautiful, natural look with our Teak Restoration process.

Interested in long lasting protection and shine?  Ask about our Marine specific coating from UndrDog.  UndrDog Marine + was formulated specifically to be applied to Gelcoat and is stronger than ceramic coatings, which were designed for automotive paints.