Ceramic Coatings

OK, now that we know you are interested in the ultimate protection of your vessel we want to start by telling you that Undrdog Marine Plus is not a ceramic coating.  It's better!  Undrdog Marine Plus represents the pinnacle of marine surface protection, delivering an elite level of defense against the harshest marine conditions.  Building upon the success of our Marine coating, Marine Plus offers enhanced chemical resistance, heightened gloss, and unmatched hydrophobicity, ensuring your vessel maintains its pristine appearance even in the toughest environments.  Blending Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Silicon, and Paraffin into a formidable, professional-grade coating. This trio of ingredients offers a robust defense against chemicals, UV rays, oxidizers, and external contaminants — challenges that traditional ceramic coatings often fall short against! 

Main Features:

-Double the chemical resistance for enhanced durability

-Increased slickness for effortless maintenance

-Heightened hydrophobicity for superior water repellency

-Superior gloss and depth for a stunning finish

-Suitable for gel coat, fiberglass, metals, vinyl, and more

-Dry time: 24 hours

-Cure time: 5 days

Undrdog Marine Plus is here to protect and enhance all marine surfaces, providing lasting beauty and performance that exceeds expectations.